Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe Muse?

Adobe Muse is a tool made by Adobe for free form websites. It allows users to build website out of scratch and build it how ever you like. It was first launched in mid 2012 and gain popularity for user-friendly interface.

Who is Adobe Muse Expert?

Adobe Muse Expert is a freelancer named Toufic Nabi (Tawfeeq Naabee). He has been working for clients around the world remotely. Toufic has built and fixed many complicated and complex website by using his intelligence and experience. He has made himself distinguishable from other muse users by adding hand codes and elements that are not in muse. He builds widgets for muse and serves them for free for the community.

You can learn more about Toufic from the about page.

Why should I hire Adobe Muse Expert?

1. Muse is an incredibly easy tool for web design. Almost anyone can use it. However, there are some times when your website gets bigger and bigger it requires more functionality which some times muse is unable to provide. That time adobe muse expert can come real handy. Besides that, complex and advanced features in muse like responsive breakpoint, working with fluid breakpoint and fixed breakpoint, adding video, working with complex contact form etc. can be not so easy to handle. Adobe Muse Expert will ensure the full proof service on those painful situations.

2. Adobe Muse Expert will also ensure the use of custom coding as required to make you website more active and produce more result what muse itself cannot offer. His experience and extended knowledge is what you need to make your site better.

3. Adobe Muse Expert is an individual working on a freelance basis. As a result you do not have go through a lot of weird process to work with him. Besides that he is an easygoing person that you will find while talking to him. He uses straight forward terms and conditions that will be as clear as water to you.

How can I hire Adobe Muse Expert?

Adobe Muse Expert works remotely, so you do not have to worry about the distance and where you live. To hire AME you can Email or use contact page. You do not have to go through any official process (which takes several business days) to hire him. Once discussed, he will give you the contact and deadline. After the job is done he will provide all the necessary files and elements involved in the process as required.

What is the price range?

Pricing in web design varies based on many things like the size of the work, complexity, times required etc. So, it is hard to quote a flat rate. The best way to determine the price is to discuss the problem you are facing with Adobe Muse Expert and mutually decide an amount, which favors the both parties (you and AME).

How can I pay?

Adobe Muse Expert uses both online and offline payment system. You can pay him through bank, or PayPal. You can also use wire transfer like Western Union or MoneyGram if needed.

Can I learn muse from Adobe Muse Expert?

Yes, you can. Adobe Muse Expert has a series of tutorial videos in youtube channel which shows the basics and some semi-advance tricks and tips in muse. However, you can learn the best practices in muse for better site result, google visibility, responsive layout etc.

What if I want a full website in muse?

As Adobe Muse Expert is a full time freelancer, he would love to take full contract of websites. This is ever better because he will ensure the best practices throughout the website and make the site outstanding from the beginning. Therefore, there will be no unknown problems and issues that you might face in the future with it.

How long would it take to build a website?

Depending on the size of the website time can vary from a couple of weeks to several months. However, the best part is you can observe the work progress online from your home or office. Thats how you can predict when your site will be ready.

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