Vertical Move Handle in Adobe Muse

Are you using vertical move handle in muse? When designing website in muse, you go back and forth in the process. Adding new contents or deleting is a really painful task. Specially, in larger scale websites things get really tough. When you try to add new section in your website in the middle the challenge you will face is to push things down of the page.

Same goes for deleting a section or some elements. When you delete something, the spaces needs to be filled by the contents below. But that does not happen automatically. Usually, what we intent to do it select everything blow the blank space by clicking and dragging the mouse and then using move tool or arrow keys in the keyboard to move things around.

In responsive web design using adobe muse, we change position of many elements while working with the breakpoints. As a designer I faced the same annoying problem almost everyday making long page websites or landing pages for my muse widgets. I always wanted something that will allow me to move things up and down without a problem.

vertical move handle in adobe muse

Vertical move handle in adobe muse

Well good news, you can do that painful work in an easier way with vertical move handle tool. This is the little tool  you see on the left side of your screen in a muse canvas. The blue triangle shape is the vertical move handle the rescuer. If you want to move things up or down just click one element and click and drag the blue triangle on the left side of the adobe muse canvas. Additionally it allows you to move things pixel by pixel meaning this is a great help for pixel perfect design.

I will make a detailed video tutorial about this in my Youtube channel soon to explain the process. You can read my other muse tips and tricks here.

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