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Although, Muse is powerful and great tool for free form web design without knowing any coding knowledge you might bump into some unavoidable problems in the process. Once of them is “Missing File on the Sever” message. This is one of the most problematic and serious issue we are dealing with.
If you go to Muse Support page you would see hundreds of questions about how to solve the problem of unwanted Alert message appearing since the 2017.0.2 widget of Adobe Muse. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a stable solution for this problem. Today I am going to give you a couple of solution for this nagging problem that we are facing for a long time.
This is important because this problem can potentially reverse the purpose of your website by making your audience leave the site in the first place. If you go to a website and first thing you notice that if says not files are missing on the server and you need to contact with the webmaster in order to use the site, there is a huge chance that you would leave the site immediately. If you have the problem in your site there is a high possibility that your audience would not proceed and leave the site.
So, without any further do let’s dive into the solution.

If you have recently updated Adobe Muse and your website was built in an earlier version there is a good chance that, if you update the site and publish it, you might see the “Missing File” error alert.
In that case you can update the full site (using FTP or whatever publishing tool that you are using) instead of publishing ‘Only the modified files’
Let me show you how it works:

  • Make the necessary changes to your site
  • Publish it using ftp/export html/publish to BC
  • Choose All files (Not only modified files.)
  • And hit Publish

That should solve the problem. However, over the last few months we have noticed that this does not help in all cases. If the message still shows, you can move to solution number Two which is using a widget.

Fighting with the issue and almost all my clients asking me for solutions I worked something out to solve this issue.
All you have to do is place the widget on the master page/s of your muse site and this WILL PREVENT THE “Files on the server are missing or incorrect” MESSAGE. This widget is free and open to use in your personal or commercial projects
You can

  • Download the widget from
  • Double click on the .zip file to open it
  • Inside the folder find the ‘Missing File Fix.mulib’ file
  • Double click on it to add it to your Adobe Muse
  • Go to Muse and open the library panel (Window > Library)
  • Find the Missing File Fix Widget
  • Drag it into the canvas

That’s it, you are good to go.
Now you are good to just publish the site using your preferred method that this nagging problem will not show in your website anymore.

Hope this will help you get rid of the issue and till the next time, Enjoy Adobe Muse.

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