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vahid karimi asked 3 years ago

Dear Mr Nabi
I have a question about your website (
I want to create a website same as yours in adobe muse
The thing that i need to create the website is scroll effect that there is in your website
When I scroll in your website I jump to other part of website, that mean it just needs one scroll to go to next step
and also the content in each step is automaticly adjast in center of monitor (center of height)
and there is some bullet points is located on edge of browser that show Which step we are in
‎‎‎can i make this things in adobe muse?
is there any widget or tutorial for make this?
I look forward to hearing from you
With warm regards
Thank you

1 Answers
Toufic Nabi Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Vahid 
Thanks for your interest about the site. 
I have added a lot of custom code to achieve the effect and used some javascript library.
I believe this is going to be tough in muse without the custom codes and the libraries. 
Note: If you are planning on hiring someone to do this, I will happy to help you building this for you.