FTP upload

Nicholas asked 4 years ago

I am having trouble uploading my site from muse to godaddy.  i see on the forms on adobe that you help some people but i did not get a good answer from them. one of the main problems is PHP.  if you could give me a hand that would be great.

Toufic Nabi Staff replied 4 years ago

I will be happy to help. Can you please explain the problem you are facing?

1 Answers
Toufic Nabi Staff answered 4 years ago

If are using your FTP credentials for public_hrml then you should keep the ‘Folder on server’ Completely empty.
Then proceed, even if any popup appears just click continue.
Explanation: While you are using a FTP username and password, that username and password is pointing towards a specific folder (maybe publlic_html or others) so you do not have to write any folder name in the “Folder on the server” field. 
Hope this helps. Let me know if you are still facing problem.