Odometer Counter For Adobe Muse

odometer counter widget for muse

Odometer counter is a widget for Muse for Adobe Muse Web Designers, that adds the odometer effect in the number counter. This widget uses the famous odometer.js by hubspot a free javaScript plugin.

Odometer lets you add fancy yet easy to understand stat counter in you muse website. It is smooth and pleasing to the eyes. The regular counter widgets jumps from number to number. However, this odometer widget gives a sliding effect in the number. Which adds the extra bit of speciality the website you build in muse.



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Toufic Nabi

Toufic Nabi is a freelance web designer and developer started his career in 2012 through Upwork. He was nominated as Top-Rated freelancer for three times by Upwork. Here is Toufic's Google+.

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