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Quick Tips [Adobe Muse]

Optimum Mobile Breakpoint

A lot of us don’t know what size should be the ultimate mobile breakpoint or how I can be sure what size screen will my audience use in terms of mobile. Well, you can’t be sure. But it’s safe to say that you can design a smallest breakpoint if 320px width. Although there are many different sized mobile phones are available in the market, but they are mostly larger than 320px. So if you design your site that way you won’t lose much.

Using scroll effect in responsive website.

Scroll effects are one of the most amazing feature of adobe muse. Lot of people still don’t know that scroll effects can be used in responsive website. To use scroll effects in responsive website you need to keep something in mind, that it the breakpoint must be fixed width. Scroll effect doesn’t work in fluid breakpoint only.


Full width images

Sometimes we want to add image that spans from all the way left to right. To achieve that you should first make a rectangle and make it 100% width (Stretch to browser width) and add the image as its background image.


How to use page titles efficiently.

For better result you  should use the page title properly. You can add a common prefix or suffix so the title throughout your website remain in same format. To do that you can go to the master page/s and click [Page] > Page properties > from the metadata tab you can add your site prefix or suffix as you want.

How to work with responsive breakpoint?

The main trick to work with responsive breakpoints is to design the whole site first meaning adding all the necessary contents on the page and then start adding the breakpoints one by one. If you try to add breakpoint in the middle of adding content to the page it will mess up the design.

If I try to explain this problem, look you added two breakpoints in a page and try to add maybe 10 images on that page, in that case you would have to rearrange them in 2 breakpoints and will be really hard for you to keep track of the elements you are working with. If, however, you add those 10 images in a page and then add the breakpoint life would be much easier.